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Rada did not vote for Shmygal's program, instead returned it for revision

The Verkhovna Rada decided to return Denis Shmygal’s Cabinet of Minister’s program for revision.

The number of unprofitable banks in Ukraine tripled

According to the latest reporting of the National Bank, the number of unprofitable banks in Ukraine tripled: from 6 to 18 structures only within the first quarter of 2020.

Dubinskyi insists on coordinating Shmygal’s program with the IMF memorandum and collects signatures for the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Energy

MP Oleksandr Dubinskyi has proposed changing Denis Shmygal’s government program (aimed at overcoming the crisis), taking into account the obligations Ukraine incurs under the IMF Memorandum.

Ukraine receives $ 1.9 billion for IMF’s requirements - the text of the IMF Memorandum and Dubinsky's explanation

MP Dubinsky is convinced that Ukraine’s signing of a new Memorandum with the International Monetary Fund will lead to a complete loss of autonomy.

MP Dubinsky registers a bill on foreign public organizations in the Parliament

A new plan to tighten the requirements for the functioning of charitable and public organizations that are financed from abroad is about to be introduced in Ukraine.

The fact: Ukraine has been transferred to more expensive thermal energy with Shmygal’s approval - its production exceeded the generation of cheap nuclear power plants

An unprecedented event in the Ukrainian energy sector took place on the evening of May 27.

Energoatom’s Kotin announced the new government restrictions for cheap nuclear power, while the electricity prices are being increased for the people

Petr Kotin, Acting President of the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company EnergoAtom, informed about restrictions imposed by the government on power generation on his Facebook page.

Main versions of MP Davidenko’s death and what Verevsky may have to do with it

The deceased MP Valery Davidenko, who was shot dead on Saturday, May 23, is known to have had problems with the law since 2014.

5 new IMF requirements for Ukraine become known

The International Monetary Fund does not cease to put forward more and more demands for Ukraine. It is not enough for them to open a land market and pass an unconstitutional banking law.

Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, assists in the import of Russian oil products to Ukraine

After the recent scandal related to the import of electricity from Russia to Ukraine, a new scheme was invented.

A mediocre paramedic-cheater enters the election campaign for a mayor of Kyiv. What is known about him and his assets?

Victor Lyashko has expressed a desire to become the mayor of Kyiv. Lyashko was unknown to the medical community and the general public before this year.

Klitschko paid off UAH 360 million to the overseer of Kyiv - Komarnitsky

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, uncontestedly designated UAH 359 million to a little-known company for the construction of a transport interchange on the Velyka Okruzhna Road: on the section f

Biden ordered Poroshenko to nationalize Privatbank. Key facts of the scandalous “Biden / Poroshenko Records”: Dubinsky’s comment

The takeover of Privatbank and its forced nationalization in December 2016 were imposed from across the ocean.

Dubinsky explains why Ukraine has the largest green tariff and high electricity prices. MPs to demand the resignation of the Minister of Energy

Ukraine has one of the highest tariffs in the world for green energy which is UAH 4.21 per kW • hour, MP Oleksandr Dubinsky says. He compares Ukrainian prices to world prices:

Rozhkova covers up violations of legislation by banks. Payments over UAH 5 thousand are being blocked for Ukrainians

The National Bank is trying to relieve itself of responsibility for the activities of banks that began to illegally block payments of their customers over UAH 5 thousand.

Dubinsky collected over 50 signatures of deputies under an appeal to the Constitutional Court on declaring the appointment of Sytnik unlawful

MP Aleksandr Dubinsky collected over 50 signatures of Verkhovna Rada deputies under an appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in the case of the appointment of Artem Sytnik as director of th

EBRD significantly worsens the forecast for the Ukrainian economy

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has worsened its forecast for Ukraine’s economy for 2020 - it expects a 5% drop in the GDP (a 3.9% decline in our state budget).

The National Bank issues a negative forecast for the banking system by the end of 2020. But it doesn’t say how many banks are to close


Introduced tax incentives won’t be implemented for medical workers, only some doctors are to receive a salary bonus of 300%

The bill №339-d, which is planned to be vie

How the IMF changes Ukraine's loan program and what will be the outcome

Yesterday's statement by IMF spokesman Jerry Rice alarmed the financial market and the public in general.