Dubinskyi initiates the issue of postal smuggling to The Verkhovna Rada Finance Committee's agenda

People's Deputy, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Aleksandr Dubinskyi has demanded that the issue of taxation of postage - more precisely - the postal contraband existing in Ukraine, be heard at the finance committee.

It is confirmed by the latest journalistic investigations regarding the activities of LLC Premium package GMBH End KO. KG - the postal operator Premium Package. It has become known that in September, it brought over 500 tons of cargo to our country, and from June to September 2020 - 1,400 tons overall. It is comparable to the volume of Ukpochta, although only 11 people work for the Premium Package. The organization is suspected of fictitious activities and illegal transportation of expensive Apple gadgets through customs: for example, IPhone12 can be transported to the customs territory of Ukraine for only $ 40. It means that there may be a fact of tax evasion in large amounts, and with the knowledge and under the auspices of law enforcement agencies. Namely, the Security Service of Ukraine - specifically, the head of the Main Department of Internal Security of the SSU, Andrey Naumov.

Deputy Dubinskyi is sure that the problematic issue requires immediate consideration by the financial committee of the Verkhovna Rada. Therefore, Aleksandr Dubinskyi sent an official appeal on this matter to the chairman, Daniil Getmantsev. Three persons are to be heard regarding the matter:

• Chairman of the State Customs Service Pavel Ryabikin;

• General Director of JSC Ukrposhta Igor Smilyansky;

• Head of the Main Department of Internal Security of the SSU Andrei Naumov.

It is proposed to hear them at the next meeting of the finance committee, and send out a message about it in a week to prepare all materials for the participants.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for dubinsky.pro