The prosecutor's office opens a criminal case on the appeal of Dubinskyi: the scheme of a criminal group in the Kyiv Regional Council is to be investigated

The Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office has opened criminal proceedings at the request of People's Deputy Aleksandr Dubinskyi under number 42020110000000208 on the grounds of crimes provided for by two articles of the Criminal Code:

• Part 2 of Art. 15 - Attempted crime;

• Part 5 of Art. 191 - Misappropriation, embezzlement of property, or taking possession of it by abuse of official position by an organized group and on an especially large scale: provides for liability in the form of imprisonment for a term of 7 to 12 years.

The case concerns the underestimation of the property value and possible high losses for the budget of the Kyiv region. Therefore, Aleksandr Dubinskyi demanded to stop the sale of the property of the Kyiv Regional Council and insisted on bringing to justice all those who lobbied it and abused their powers. To do this, the politician submitted an appeal addressed to the first deputy head of the Kyiv regional prosecutor's office, Maksim Kirichuk.

Dubinskyi has found out that a group of premises of the communal enterprise "Drukar" located in the capital (Kyiv, 3 Vasylkivska St.) was put up for auction with a seriously understated starting price - only UAH 73.8 million. It is an extremely low price for Kyiv real estate with a total area of 3322.6 sq.m.

The following properties were announced for sale:

1. Administrative building (A, A1)

• total area 2708.10 sq. m .;

• area according to the BTI passport (A, A1) 2924.3 sq.m. based on information from the state register of rights to real estate - reference number 110340603 dated 01/11/2018. The share of the property 3/100 is private and amounts to 216.2 sq.m. from the total area of the building (A, A1).

2. Garage/warehouse (Б) with a total area of 535.20 sq.m.

3. Cafe premises (В) with a total area of 54.3 sq.m.

4. Warehouse premises (Г) with a total area of 25.0 sq.m.

A proper market valuation of real estate with the involvement of independent experts was not carried out. How exactly the above starting price was set is unclear.

Although the Kyiv regional council was creating a corresponding commission, it was not coordinated with the Kyiv regional state administration.

The sale of the above-described real estate is announced within the framework of small privatization. Also, 2565.4 sq.m non-residential premises of CE "Drukar" in the very center of Kyiv - on 6 Khreschatyk street. There is a risk of a criminal scheme with an undervalued and cheap sale of this object. This sale was approved by the same order of October 20, 2020, of the Kyiv Regional Council as the listed premises with a total area of 3322.6 sq.

The sale of the property at low prices will lead to large losses for the Kyiv region. Considering the involvement of the former chairman of the Kyiv Regional Council Nikolai Starichenko, and several deputies, it is possible to conclude that these individuals participated in the criminal scheme.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for