Dubinskyi supports the appeal of 120 people's deputies to return part of the excise tax fuel to local budgets

People's Deputy Aleksandr Dubinskyi has supported his colleagues who want to restore deductions to local budgets of a part (13.44%) of the excise tax on fuel. It was introduced back in 2015 and became compensation for the reduction of personal income tax and subventions for public utilities and road services and other tax payments. However, it was canceled after the implementation of changes to the Budget Code.

There is a shortfall in local budgets of a large amount - UAH 7.5 billion. Such a deficit will be practically impossible to cover.

Therefore, the corresponding compensators should be worked out in the 2021 budget. After all, these funds were spent on important items of local expenditure:

• Current repairs, reconstruction, maintenance of roads and streets, external lighting networks;

• Overhaul and maintenance of the communal property;

• Purchase and installation of street video surveillance systems to control public order;

• Financing of the measures to stabilize and develop public transport, etc.

Acknowledging it, Aleksandr Dubinskyi, together with 120 other people's deputies, signed an appeal with a request to consult with all factions and parliamentary groups regarding the accounting of amendments to bill №4100-d concerning crediting from 2021 to the revenues of the general fund of budgets local government 13.44% excise tax on fuel. The appeal is addressed to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Dmitry Razumkov. As a result, discussion and elaboration of proposals on this part will allow faster adoption of the state budget for 2021.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for dubinsky.pro