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Terror at Privatbank: the bank’s management silences own employees

Investigation Department of Soborne Police Unit of Dnipro PD of the Main Department of the National Police in Dnipropetrovsk Region is investigating a criminal proceeding on illegal dismissal of Ma

Dubinsky explains the extension of quarantine until May 22 and the situation with 300% pay increase for doctors

The all-Ukrainian quarantine because of COVID-19 was extended until May 22 due to the only reason –the fact that the launch of air traffic with Ukraine is tied to this date in many countries of the

Umansky’s income and assets data released

Former Minister of Finance Igor Umansky filed a declaration after leaving the government: he worked at the Ministry of Finance for less than a month.

Three violators of financial monitoring in April are named. Why Poroshenko’s bank gets off the hook

According to the results of inspections in April, the National Bank fined a small regional bank - Poltava Bank for violating the rules of financial monitoring.

New Ukreximbank CEO and Supervisory Board let corrupt officials evade responsibility

The new management of Ukreximbank permitted Compliance Control Director Zhanna Yelagina to get off scot-free.

NBU lowers its discount rate by 2% before the new hryvnia emission

NBU Board has approved a decision to reduce the bank’s discount rate by 2% to 8%
annual, informed NBU Governor Yakiv Smoliy. The decision enters into force April

Reasons for The National Bank to force unconstitutional IMF's bill

During the approval of the anti-banking law, the colleagues were given an example of one indicatory decision of the NBU, because of which the central bank officials needed this law.

Dubinsky insists on cancellation of the anti-constitutional change to the Rada’s procedure

MP Aleksandr Dubinsky registered a resolution in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on cancellation of the draft law No. 1043, which was passed by the parliament today, April 16, with 242 votes:

Dubinsky collects signatures against an unlawful draft law on the parliamentary procedure that puts Poroshenko, Hontareva and their accomplices in the clear

MP Aleksandr Dubinsky is collecting signatures against the draft law No. 1043 on amendments to the parliamentary procedure.

IMF downgrades economic forecast for Ukraine. Dubinsky explains IMF’s law

The International Monetary Fund disagreed with the 2020 economic forecast of the Ukrainian government.

Rada adopts sequestered National Budget 2020. Dubinsky informs how the voting was conducted

On April 13, Verkhovna Rada adopted the sequestered National Budget 2020 with 249 votes in favor of the draft law No. 3279-d.