Dubinsky collects signatures against an unlawful draft law on the parliamentary procedure that puts Poroshenko, Hontareva and their accomplices in the clear

MP Aleksandr Dubinsky is collecting signatures against the draft law No. 1043 on amendments to the parliamentary procedure. The document cuts to a minimum the number of amendments and changes, which are allowed to be introduced to the draft laws considered by the parliament. A constitutional coup is being prepared in the country, where the VR “mono-majority” will be able to impose their will on Ukraine.

Consideration of the unconstitutional draft law No. 1043 is scheduled for April 16, 2020.

“Do you remember the members of parliament voting manually for the autocratic laws of Yanukovych on January 16, 2016? By the way, because of this, now they cannot return to Ukraine, as they are here under investigation. Today is another D-day in the Verkhovna Rada. The autocratic law is to be passed by the hands of the members of parliament on April 16, 2020. The fateful number 16. Another 16,000 amendments are considered to the proverbial banking law, for the purpose of which the procedure is allegedly being changed,” noted Dubinsky.

The MP is confident that, in truth, the parliamentary procedure is being changed not to adopt the new banking law and get an IMF loan, but to free the former president Petro Poroshenko and his partners from the responsibility.

“To free Poroshenko and his gang from the responsibility for the financial crimes committed in the period from 2014 until 2019, which continue up until this day (the NBU still has the board that is loyal to Poroshenko). Let me remind you – first, the NBU governed by Valeria Hontareva handed out USD 12 billion in refinancing to the banks, and when they were stolen, the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine soared from UAH 8 / USD 1 to USD 24/ USD 1. It was then that all of us and our economy were robbed. By the way, if you remember, Petro Poroshenko then gave a promise to strengthen hryvnia, saying that its exchange rate would be UAH 12.94 / USD 1. He even threatened then: “those who buy currency at a higher rate will end up regretting it.” Now, remember what happened? The exchange rate skyrocketed to UAH 40 / USD 1, and the inflation soared to the sky. Once again, we have been conned, and they gained from it,” emphasized Dubinsky.

He has reminded that huge amounts were stolen not only through hryvnia devaluation, but also because of major closures of banks. This involved two stages: before the closure of the banking institutions, the banks were demanded to pay bribes in order not to be shut down. When the bribes were received, the banks would still end up being liquidated, and that’s when the second stage happened – the most attractive assets of the financial institutions were appropriated, through the National Bank of Ukraine and Deposit Guarantee Fund, which was in charge of the assets of the banks that were recognized as problem banks. 

“The same people benefited from this – Poroshenko, Hontareva, her deputy governor Kateryna Rozhkova and partners. In the course of major bank closures, many assets were split and cleaned out, or misappropriated – from plants to land, shopping malls, apartments. Now, the Parliament is planning to pass a ‘pardon’ law for Poroshenko and his partners, to free them from responsibility for all of this,” emphasizes Aleksandr Dubinsky.

Andrey Pshenichniy for dubinsky.pro