Dubinsky explains the extension of quarantine until May 22 and the situation with 300% pay increase for doctors

The all-Ukrainian quarantine because of COVID-19 was extended until May 22 due to the only reason –the fact that the launch of air traffic with Ukraine is tied to this date in many countries of the European Union. This explanation has been given by MP Alexander Dubinsky.

“EU countries are going to gradually open their borders. And just imagine - we lifted the quarantine earlier, and we would not be expected anywhere,” he says.

The MP assures that there is simply no calculation and analysis of the current quarantine situation of our own in the government of Denis Shmygal.

“They cannot correctly calculate the consequences of quarantine, but, more importantly, timely and adequately respond to the problems that citizens and businesses have in connection with it - both at the introduction stage and the lifting of restrictions. Let's speak frankly, nothing depends on Shmygal and his Cabinet of Ministers except the profits of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov” Dubinsky emphasizes.

One of the major governmental failures of recent weeks can be considered a failure to meet the deadlines for a 300% bonus for the salaries of doctors who are fighting COVID-19 in Ukraine. Ukrainian parliament adopted the amendments to the 2020 budget which were approved on March 30th, and signed by the president on April 2nd. This document established a 7-day deadline for the Cabinet of Ministers to develop a mechanism for the additional transfer of funds and their payments to people. However, this did not actually happen.

“That means that the government had to solve the issue by April 9, and health workers who are at the forefront and are fighting the coronavirus every day should have been paid extra. However, this did not happen then. The law was broken, and the mechanism had been developed only by April 24th. What had the prime minister been doing for two weeks? We know: he came up with the plan how to appoint Olga Buslavets acting Minister of Energy, although Parliament did not vote for it. For this he certainly had plenty of time. Shmygal even held an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers at night, at which Boguslavets, but not the doctors, dealt with the issue. And now she is disabling the nuclear energy so that Akhmetov could make more money on the thermal one - his coal. A kilowatt of electricity has already increased in price and became UAH 1.5, and very soon all this growth will manifest itself in the prices of goods and our accounts. Our government has time for everything, only not for the doctors,” Dubinsky emphasizes.

Andrey Pshenichny for the site dubinsky.pro