How Ivan Yurik, Yaresko’s right-hand, leads Ukrzaliznytsia, getting stuck in corruption scandals

In April 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Ivan Yurik as interim chairman of the board of Ukrzaliznitsya. It was claimed that he would allegedly lead the railway during the quarantine. Prior to this, Yurik was a member of the Supervisory Board of UZ for a year, after which he joined the board and was responsible for the financial sector.

After the quarantine appointment, the new top manager has already appeared in a high-profile corruption scandal during the procurement of oil and lubricants by the Support Center of JSC Ukrainian Railways. He did everything in the best traditions of Soros’s scam schemes.

Ivan Yurik began his career as a valiant railwayman who graduated from the Kennedy School of Management. By the way, that the former finance minister Natalya Yaresko also graduated the same establishment.

After graduating from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and studying at Harvard, Yurik worked as an assistant at Peterson Institute of International Economics. In 2010, he headed the representative office of the EEGF II Foundation in Kyiv. This appointment is associated with the American Blackstone investment fund in agreement with Natalia Yaresko. Since December 2014, Yurik became her right hand after being appointed to the Ministry of Finance.

In his declaration, Yurik indicated the following assets:

• a 71.2 square meters apartment in Kyiv bought for UAH 1.43 million;

• a 41.71 sq.m summer house in Vuchkove village, Mezhigirsky district, Transcarpathian region. It was declared for UAH 31.8 thousand;

•a 1363 plot in Vuchkove village, Mezhigirsky district, Transcarpathian region, bought for UAH 48 thousand.

•a car - Ford Kuga 2011 bought for UAH 285 thousand.

In 2019, the railwayman declared the following income:

• UAH 3.24 million - salary from the Service Center Branch of JSC Ukrainian Railways;

• UAH 2.64 million - fees and other payments under civil law contracts in the amount of from the Center for Service Support Branch of JSC Ukrainian Railways;

• UAH 70 thousand - interest and other additional benefits from JSC Alfa-Bank.

Ivan Yurik has the following assets in the accounts of JSC Alfa-Bank:

• USD 125.3 thousand;

• UAH 1,072 million.

Also, he saved USD 50 thousand in cash.

Earlier it was reported how Ukrzaliznytsia made a large purchase of respirators at a double price and also did not pay more than UAH 200 million dividends to the state budget.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for the site