Dubinskyi filed a complaint with law enforcement agencies on the crimes revealed at the Kyiv customs

MP Aleksandr Dubinskyi filed an offense report about crimes that he personally recorded together with MP Aleksandr Kunitskyi at the Kyiv customs. Dubinsky.pro wrote about them yesterday, October 5, and on the same day, official appeals were sent to the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office and NABU.

Law enforcers were told all the facts of the case: about an unaccounted cargo revealed during the inspection - a batch of undeclared jewelry scales. It was folded in boxes together with the declared floor and kitchen scales. Virtually, it was smuggling.

There were approximately 23,550 pieces or 4.5 tons of undeclared jewelry. If we recalculate everything at the market value in Ukraine (UAH 200 per piece), then it will be UAH 4,710,000. It is the number of undeclared goods revealed, and the shortfall in customs payments on this particular delivery was about UAH 500,000.

But in reality, it can be much larger. After all, it is known that since the beginning of 2020, 74 consignments of various goods have been sent to this recipient, which could go through customs with similar violations.

The kitchen scale was reportedly priced at $ 1 at a market value of $ 8 per unit.

Other goods were also declared at a reduced price:

• Italian sofa worth € 9,000 was stated in the declaration for € 300-400.

• The € 427 chandelier was declared for $ 15.

• The € 3,000 sofa was declared for $ 200.

Interestingly, the PO-trade company, which processed cargo with furniture, has issued 126 vehicles of various freight from Italy since the beginning of 2020. Including 51 cars with furniture. We can only imagine how many customs duties to the budget the PO-trade company could not pay in addition to the imported goods.

It was happening at the capital customs, that is, in the area of responsibility of the head of the Kyiv customs of the State Customs Service Sergei Slichko. He said on the phone that he did not know about the problem, and got off with a general explanation:

"In this situation, the declaration passed the automatic control of the ASRAM [Automated System for Risk Analysis and Management - Auth.] did not work, so the inspector decided to release it."

MP Dubinskyi believes that such things could not have happened with the knowledge and even patronage of the head of customs. Therefore, he demanded law enforcement officers to thoroughly investigate the listed crimes and all the incidents associated with them and bring to justice all those responsible.

The politician sees in the actions of Slichko violations with signs of the commission of criminal offenses under a set of articles of the Criminal Code:

• Part 2 of Art. 364 - Abuse of power or official position with grave consequences;

• Part 2 of Art. 367 - Official negligence, which provoked grave consequences;

• Art. 369-2 - abuse of power.

If the guilt of the customs officer/officers is proven, he or they may face a maximum sentence of imprisonment for up to eight years with confiscation of property.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for dubinsky.pro