Dubinsky explains what the country is to expect in case of a complete lockdown

MP Aleksandr Dubinsky anticipates an economic disaster that could occur as a result of an increase in the coronavirus cases, which will result in the tightening of quarantine measures.

The MP tells about this on his YouTube channel.

Dubinsky recommends that Ukrainians stock up on essentials and money, in case the whole country is locked down at homes:

“Well, the general public need to stock up on medication, because, if you take into account the occupancy rate in hospitals, no one will hospitalize anyone anywhere. And if it happens, you can only imagine what kind of burden pharmacies will have to bear, and drug shortage is the result. Well, in general, I predict a rather serious economic and social stagnation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic."

The MP believes that the situation in Ukraine is disastrous, if the country is in the yellow zone for all of the European Union states at the moment, then in a week or two, after the local elections, we will be in the red zone and our borders with the outside world will be closed:

“Well, we were frightened by the termination of visa-free travel, when, in fact, it has already happened. What the Bolsheviks expected is a reality now. Termination of visa-free traveling could take place when the whole of Ukraine goes into the red zone. I am sure this will happen after the local elections, that is, by the first of November. At the same time, all schools and all higher educational institutions will transfer to distance learning. And the quarantine will be approximately the same as we had in March this year when everything was closed. I expect a repetition of this approximately by November 1st. Therefore, if you are not ready, then prepare financially, first of all, because you will not have money and there will be no place to work. The restaurants that exist at the moment, coffee shops, shops, everything will be closed. This is a very likely scenario because 10,000 sick people a day is a disaster. "

The MP drew attention to the fact that, despite the high occupancy rate of beds, which is already 88%, no one is in a hurry to open the second/third phase hospitals, because 75% of the money from the coronavirus fund went to something completely different, namely, to fund the road construction, additional payments to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor's office, sick leave payments.

At the same time, funding for doctors amounted to about 15% of what was allocated to the fight against coronavirus:

“When the first wave came about in March, if you remember, everyone was forced to stay at home, and almost UAH 100 billion were allocated to the coronavirus fund. And then it was decided there was no need to spend money on the coronavirus if it could easily be used elsewhere. Well, after all, making changes to the budget, when these UAH 100 billion were isolated and became a separate line of the budget, could not have happened if it were not the fear of the coronavirus. And so this huge amount of money can be allocated for any purpose according to the decree. "

Analyzing the situation in terms of the number of deaths Dubinsky believes that, most likely, the country will face another quarantine. If everything is closed, the MP predicts that the authorities will be forced to print money in order to support the general public:

“Yes, this is the path to hyperinflation if the money goes into a struggling economy. Yes, this is the path to a sharp jump in the dollar rate, yes, but there is simply no other way. Because with the current budget deficit of about UAH 120-130 billion, I may assume it will be around UAH 300 billion by the end of the year. It is truly a disaster. These are non-payment of pensions and salaries to the state employees and doctors who already do not receive additional payments."

The described situation, according to the deputy, may lead to repeated lending to the country by the International Monetary Fund and tightening of external management, from which the Ukrainian authorities are now trying to free themselves.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for dubinsky.pro