Jerky Theft of Ukreksimbank

or how Volodymyr Groysman plans to continue stealing money from the budget with the help of Poroshenko’s relative during the term of the new president.

Prime-minister Groysman, who has suddenly lost some weight, continues “swallowing up” the budgetary resources insatiably and tries to assign his people to various public “honeypots” even after Poroshenko’s failure, in order to finance his (and Poroshenko’s) electoral campaign to the parliament at the expense of the state in the future.

Recently the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Groysman has approved the so called recruiters who will form supervisory boards at state banks, including the state-controlled Ukreksimbank. And now with the help of supposedly independent commissionaires, he tries to appoint the supervisory board of the bank that is supposed to be a helping hand in re-electing the current chairman of the board of Ukreksimbank Oleksandr Hrytsenko for the next 5 years. By the way, Oleksandr Hrytsenko is said to be Petro Poroshenko’s relative.

In order to pull this scheme, on March 6, 2019 Volodymyr Groysman approved the selection board by his ordinance. The board will appoint applicants to the positions of independent supervisory board members of the state bank, and this board consists completely of his cronies:

· Serhiy Marchenko – Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office of Ukraine;

· Hennadiy Plis – Deputy State Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

· Pavlo Rizanenko –Member of the Financial Policy and Bank Operations Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

· Olesya Savchuk – Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;

· Olena Skrypkina – Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Finance.

Groysman wants to first appoint the supposedly independent supervisory board members (for 3 years) before the inauguration with the help of the ‘hand-feed’ selection board, and then to reappoint the chairman of board Hrytsenko through their assistance as well as to reappoint the members of the board who have a condoning attitude towards him (and Poroshenko-Groysman): Oleh Belinskyi, Viktoriya Ruda, Serhiy Myskiv and Oleksandr Shchur.

And in this single action he wants to remove the ‘opposition’ from the bank, namely, to make the following positions redundant: the position of deputy chairman on issues relating to small and medium business (Svitlana Monastyrska), the position of deputy chairman on issues relating to security (Volodymyr Kotov), the position of member of the board, financial director (Olha Alekseyeva) and the position of member of the board on issues relating to financial monitoring (Oleksandr Sokolov).

Volodymyr Groysman (who agrees these appointments with the Minister of Finance Makarova and Hrytsenko in pro per) plans to introduce new artificially created positions instead of the mentioned redundant ones: the son of Anatoliy Maksyuta (Former First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine during the term of Yanukovych) is going to be assigned as Financial Director, and Zhanna Elahina will become a Compliance Director.

She was head of the financial monitoring department of Ukrsotsbank. After she had resigned, the National Bank of Ukraine inspected Ukrsotsbank and fined it for 40mln UAH.

But the most ‘important’ member of the board at the bank, after Hrytsenko, is Viktoriya Ruda. She is the one who signed the documents on the part of Ukreksimbank regarding the loan restructuring at interest of 0.1% for the enterprise of Poroshenko-Hladkovskyi “Bogdan-Motors”. As a result, the newly elected President of Ukraine gets the state bank for 5 years that has been completely “legally” packed with “rats” of the old regime.

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