How an overlooker of Kyiv Komarnitsky together with the foreman of the organized criminal group develop Darnitsa district

Denis Komarnitsky, who overlooks Kyiv, together with Vitali Klitschko, Kyiv mayor, made a deal with the former foreman of the organized crime group Dovgalenko on land allocation schemes to build a residential complex in the Darnytskyi district.

In October 2017, a trio of infamous Kyivans - Yuri Dovgalenko, Vasily Kucher, and Denis Komarnitsky made up a very interesting document - the so-called “conceptual agreement” on joint construction to implement their illegal schemes.

So, who are these people?

To see the full picture, you need to take a closer look at these people’s backgrounds. Yuri Dovgalenko is better known by the nickname Dovgal in the criminal world of the 90s. He was one of the leaders of a large organized criminal group, the so-called "Fish" (of Viktor Rybak [Fisherman], who was shot in 2000), which, according to many publications, also included the current mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko. It was the “Fish” that once financed and promoted the Klitschko brothers into boxing.

Vasily Kucher is an ex-assistant to the member of Ukrainian parliament Boris Filatov, a member of the Ukrop party, from which he ran for the city council. When submitting documents to the CEC, Kucher indicated the position of the legal adviser in the Dnipropetrovsk construction company Budinvest-Capital.

Denis Komarnitsky is a former co-chairman of the Leonid Chernovetsky faction, and now he is MP Tishchenko’s overlooker of Kyiv. One of his current activities is the protection of Kyiv's illegal developments.

What sort of agreement is it?

From the listed agreement, it is clear that Dovgalenko, together with Kucher, transfers land (0.0893 hectares and 0.8286 hectares) in the Darnitskyi district of Kyiv at the address - 12 and 12a Central street, to Komarnitsky for the construction of a housing complex.

Dovgalenko and Kucher need Komarnitsky for several reasons:

Firstly, the real estate on this property is owned by two companies, the founder of which is Yuri Dovgalenko:

• LLC Trading House “Rybalka”: 34% is owned by Yuri Dovgalenko, and since November 2016 it is registered at the address: Kyiv, 12-a Central street. Other owners of the company are a certain Alexander Vlasenko (33%) and obviously a relative of Yuri Dovgalenko - a certain Y. Dovgalenko (33%);

• LLC PRIZ, 50% also belongs to Dovgalenko, and the remaining 50% belongs to Vlasenko. Registration address is Kyiv, 12 Central st.

It is difficult to understand how Kucher appeared in this scheme. But it is a fact that, according to the results of the construction, Dovgalenko and Kucher (Party 1) should receive 12% of the total land plot that is being sold. Respectively, Dovgalenko will get - 10% and Kucher - 2%, while the remaining 88% of the area belongs to Denis Komarnitsky (Party 2).

Secondly, the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, also has to be counted in, because it is not a secret that Klitschko, Tishchenko, and Komarnitsky approved and divided the corruption scheme flows.

According to the agreement, Komarnitsky takes responsibility for the allotment of the land plot by leasing it by the decision of the City Council, and Klitschko also plays a part in it:

“Additionally, the parties have agreed to sign the Contract for the transfer of developer functions, according to which Party 1 transfers the functions of the developer with a land plot to Party 2, within less than1 month’s period from the date of signing this conceptual agreement. If Party 1 evades signing the agreement after transferring the land plot for rent or receiving town-planning conditions and restrictions to Party 2 by the decision of the Kyiv Council session, it pays Party 2 a fine of $ 50 per 1 sq.m. based on the designed areas. ”

Komarnitsky will arrange everything

Financing of all work and costs associated with obtaining permits, initial data, design, construction of the facility, as well as the allocation of land is carried out by Komarnitsky.

He also enters into a commitment to ensure registration of the right to lease a land plot in favor of Dovgalenko and Kucher and to ensure that he obtains all the necessary permits for construction work at the facility. Moreover, permits are issued jointly on both sides.

After all preliminary agreements, Klitschko joins the scheme and, on October 11, 2018, the Kyiv City Council, by its decision No. 1874/5938, transfers a land plot for the operation and maintenance of trade buildings and structures on 12A Central street to the LLC Trading House Rybalka.

According to paragraph 1 of the Decision of the City Council, LLC Trading House Rybalka receives a 5-year lease on a land area of 0.8286 hectares: cadastral number 8000000000: 90: 013: 0199 for the operation and maintenance of trade buildings and structures on 12a. Central street in the Darnitskyi district of Kyiv, from the lands of communal property, in connection with the acquisition of the right of ownership of property, according to the purchase and sale agreement of non-residential buildings of November 22, 2004, No. 404.

The change of designated use

According to information from the State Geocadastre, the described land plot is designated for the construction and maintenance of trade buildings. But, as already indicated in the “Conceptual Agreement”, the construction of a residential complex will take place on this site.

Komarnitsky has an influence on the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine and other bodies issuing permits for construction. Therefore, the question of changing the intended use of land will be quite simply resolved in favor of the scheme makers.

They knew what they were doing by stealing the land. And if something goes wrong, no one will notice that there is one more unfinished construction development. The main thing is to sling from the hook in time and take out as much cash as possible.

Thus, the land obtained as a result of the agreement from the communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv has for a moment brought the scam participants closer to the cherished dream of expensive real estate that will appear here in the near future.

And I think that right now law enforcement officers in Kyiv should carefully investigate the issue and bring the gang to criminal responsibility.


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Sergey Pyvovarov

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