Who’s the next to be rolled in a checkered blanket?

Who is managing Groysman’s corruptive financial streams at the customs after Prodan’s escape?

Prodan’s escape shouldn’t distract you from other Groysman’s consiglieri, who have been placed by him at the customs and tax departments. We publish a profile (sent to the editorial office DubinskyPro) of Oleksandr Vlasov who temporarily assumes the responsibilities of the head of the State Fiscal Service and whose biography has turned out to be even more motley than the one of his predecessor, the ‘Moldavian escapee’ Prodan.

The editorial office DubinskyPro publishes this material “as is”, that is in the form that has been received by our journalists. We have checked the facts that can be publicly analyzed, but some details of the biography of the interim head of the State Fiscal Service may be given (or not given) the benefit of doubt.

Future Head of the State Fiscal Service Oleksandr Vlasov began his working career at Mykolayiv customs. Later he carried on the entrepreneurial activities, during which he supposedly scrapped plants in the south of Ukraine together with his brother Yevhen Vlasov.

In 1999 he began to work at the Administration of Security Service of Ukraine in Mykolayiv region, and only in 2010 he started his working career as an official of the fiscal body.

On the 18th of December 2010 Vlasov was awarded by the Order of Saint Stanislaus of the IV class by the decree No.893/2010. It’s one of the most influential masonic organizations dating back to the period of presidency of Leonid Kuchma. Membership fees for such an order may amount to 30 thousand US dollars. The rumor mill says that Vlasov’s membership fee for the order made up 10 thousand US dollars. But these payments aren’t indicated in Vlasov’s declarations.

The son of the head of the State Fiscal Service Vladyslav Vlasov has been studying in the Netherlands since 2015. He lives there together with his girlfriend since he refused to leave Ukraine without her. The annual costs for residence and education comprise more than 20000 euro and are paid by his father. Before Oleksandr Vlasov was appointed to the position of the head of Odessa customs, he had made the property over to his son.

Just recently Oleksandr Vlasov’s brother Yevhen has visited Amsterdam by order of Oleksandr. He paid that visit in order to purchase an apartment for 150 thousand euros for the nephew. The head of the State Fiscal Service ‘forgot’ to indicate such a purchase in his declaration. Oleksandr Vlasov ‘arranged’ an Interpol employee ID card for his brother Yevhen for the purpose of unimpeded border control clearance and cash concealing (in order not to declare 150 thousand euros).

In 2016 Vlasov also got an apartment in Kyiv in a high-priced residential complex for general officers and politicians. The repairs therein cost Mr. Vlasov 90 thousand US dollars, he ‘forgot’ to indicate these expenses in his declaration as well.

In 2016 the “patrons” appointed Vlasov to the position of the head of the Main Interregional Directorate of the Operational Support of the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone of the State Fiscal Service as well as the position of the commander of the special unit “Fantom”.

Using his official position he organized more than ten conversion centers under the canopy of the State Fiscal Service and the Security Service of Ukraine. The employees of these services personally sent all major enterprises of exporters and importers of Ukraine to these centers.

The commercial automotive transport for sale is being brought into Ukraine under the plan “without customs clearance” for the needs of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. The lot of military jeeps Geländewagen (Mersedes-Benz 250D), that had been received from Canada for the needs of the Anti-Terrorist Operation, was being sold “right and left”. It is said that Vlasov transferred a part of the lot to the relatives and the VIP-management of the State Fiscal Service for their comfort during hunting and fishing. From hearsay, Vlasov took three military Mersedes-Benz 250D for himself: one of them was registered to his father and two of them stand in a garage without any registration.

In 2016 Vlasov got a position at the special unit ‘Fantom’ being subordinate to his own brother Yevhen Serhiyovych Vlasov, who ignored the declarations submission and transgressed the article 27 of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Corruption’, according to which the immediate subordination of connected persons wasn’t allowed.

Vlasov’s brother Yevhen is necessary for implementation of trading schemes and control over supplies of food products and wares on the territory beyond the control of Ukraine. Earlier Yevhen Vlasov under the guise of a businessman and volunteer received passes from the State Fiscal Service and visited the territory of the Anti-Terrorist Operation that was beyond the control of Ukraine.

Vlasov didn’t spare extraordinary promotions, rewards on the occasion of every holiday and a good salary for his brother Yevhen. He awarded his brother as philanthropist, a businessman and a volunteer of the Anti-Terrorist Operation. The award was granted publicly and broadcast on TV.

Since 2016 Oleksandr Vlasov has also worked as Head of Interagency Target Center on Prevention and Disclosure of Law Violations Regarding State Customs Affairs (also called “black sotnia”) on a part-time basis. He also obtained (bought) the extraordinary promotion to the Colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine, although he didn’t belong to staff members of the Security Service of Ukraine. At the same time he began to overtly live “on a grand scale” and transferred huge fundsto his relatives and close confidants in order to launder and legalize black money.

Since 2017 he has been appointed to the position of the head of Odessa customs office of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine under Prodan’s patronage. Vlasov took charge of streams control and organized schemes of illegal trafficking through green route for 30% of wares price as well as schemes of taxes recovery for customs clearance of cars from the USA and Europe, contraband goods of international brands (telephones, equipment, clothes and shoes), food products and petroleum, oil and lubricants, embezzlement schemes of contraband goods arrested and transported from the territory of the customs terminal and undocumented withdrawal of contraband goods (valuables, money, drugs, paintings and amber).

In September 2018 Vlasov was appointed to the position of the acting head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. His assignment was lobbied by Nasirov, Prodan and personally Groysman. The appointment was supposed to be temporarily up to the end of the competition to fill the vacancy of the head of the State Fiscal Service. But it was made intentionally in order to lengthen the working period of Oleksandr Vlasov in that position up to obtaining by him an extraordinary promotion to Colonel and at least half a year of work experience as state official of such a rank.

For this assignment to be accomplished, as ordered by Groysman, the competition to fill the vacancy of the head of the State Fiscal Service was canceled. Supposedly, it was done upon the initiative of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine within the framework of reforming the State Fiscal Service with the purpose of division of this authority into tax administration and customs office.

It gave Groysman the opportunity to appoint a completely controllable Head of the State Fiscal Service so that he could control all his schemes and money steams from the customs office aimed at personal enrichment and financial support of the political party and his pre-election campaign. In September 2018, rumor has it, the recommendation for extraordinary promotion of Oleksandr Vlasov to Major General of Ukraine was addressed to the President. Signing of this decree is going to be done at the end of November 2018.

According to the information from my sources, it has also been determined that Oleksandr Serhiyovych Vlasov as a government official has two citizenships - Canadian and Romanian ones - that can be considered as a breach of the law.

During the last two years Vlasov has been investing and increasing business assets:

1. The trademarks ‘LAGRIMA DE OLIVA’ and ‘LAGRIMA DEL SOL’, that is manufacturing olive and sunflower oil with additives that is being sold through NOVUS, Rozetka, Ashan, Silpo, Fora, Epitsentr, Hrosh, Alians etc. Some part of goods is delivered into the Crimea through a special corridor across the zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation.

2. Aeroponics greenhouses have been bought in the suburbs of Kyiv where tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages and other plants are being grown.

3. Industrial baby fishes farming and fish rearing in the specially created plantations in Kyiv. This business is run personally by Mr. Vlasov together with his brother and his close confidant Valeriy Konoplyov.

4. He has opened a chain of shops and boutiques to sell Italian clothes, shoes and accessories under the trademark ‘Fragranza’. In these shops they sell all the goods that have been confiscated at Odessa customs office that is wares of luxurious European brands and some part of goods that have been produced in Ukraine and are being exported. This business is registered to the sister-in-law Olha Serhiyivna Vlasova having a shop in the city of Odessa at the shopping and entertainment centre ‘City Center’ (Tairovo) that is publicly promoted in her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

5. The trademark ‘Danhera’, that is a chain of shops and boutiques of luxurious household chemicals, cosmetics and perfumes from Italy. This business is registered to Vlasov’s common-law spouse Yana Prykhodko, sister of his sister-in-law Olha Vlasova. The joint business with the sister is run in the city of Odessa, (a spot in the shopping and entertainment centre “City Center” (Tairovo)).

6. The trademark ‘MiZari’ and the trademark ‘Mario Muzi’, that is a chain of shops and boutiques of clothes, shoes, and accessories from Italy in Kharkiv. The businesses are registered to a distant relative Iren Vlasova running a chain of shops in Kharkiv, (spots in the shopping and entertainment centers ‘Dafi’, ‘Mahelan’ and ‘Barabashovo’), and a shop at Pushkinska Street 43.

There is a list of some companies registered by Oleksandr Vlasov to his relatives and close confidants:
1. CITY-FERMA LTD., code 40367071
2. STEPOVA-FERMA LTD., code 42091802
3. LA SALUTTE LTD., code 41752634
4. PENOTERMBUD LTD., code 36880181
5. VIDIS LTD., code 36880216
6. Interregional public organization all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization ‘Association’, code 36700668
7. Individual entrepreneur Vladyslav Oleksandrovych Vlasov
8. Individual entrepreneur Inesa Mykolaivna Vlasova
9. Individual entrepreneur Yana Prykhodko
10. Individual entrepreneur Olha Vlasova
11. Individual entrepreneur Oleh Sayutyn
12. Individual entrepreneur Valeriy Konoplyov

In 2013 Oleh Sayutyn was caught red-handed by the colleagues from the Security Service of Ukraine in Odessa for extortion of 30 thousand US dollars from the management of the plant ‘Stalkanat’ belonging to the deputy of the party ‘the People's Front’ Serhiy Fayermak.

This case (No. 522/15751/13-к) (the final session was planned to be held on November 13, 2018 at 16:00) has been being considered by Prymorskyi district court of Odessa for five years.

The absurdity of the situation consists in the fact, that Sayutyn worked as the head of the unit on the fight against corruption and organized criminality, the department “K” of the Security Service of Ukraine, at the Administration of the Security Service of Ukraine in Mykolayiv region, and at the same time he was also the founder and the owner of Mykolayiv regional center of all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization ‘Ukrainian Association of Long-Service Employees of Special Units on the Fight Against Corruption and Organized Criminality ‘K’ of the Security Service of Ukraine’.

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