Tosha Gontarev's business

A story of how the offspring of the Head of the National Bank begged his mommy and daddy for a business of his own.

The news about plans of Valeria Gontareva to launch a medical startup called ‘MediKit’ would not be complete without the prehistory of its, don’t mind me saying, long-suffering project. The point is that in 2014 the little son (at that moment he was only 27 years old) asked his mommy and daddy to find him a lucrative job.

‘I could manage civil service. Those, who work in this field, are not much better than me’ – says Anton to his mommy Valeria in his message with a request to help him start his own business or set him up with a civil service position. – ‘I’ve visited the State Vehicle Registration Center. People who work there look like stupid morons issuing registration certificates of motor vehicles, however, all of the workers bear watches Ulysse Nardin on their wrists and have BMW x5 parked nearby. I would be able to do just the same what they are doing. But it’s hardly possible to get a job like that there (or somewhere else) without pulling strings’.

You can endlessly feast your eye upon the correspondence of Anton and his parents describing his hectic desire to get a job with big opportunities of taking bribes. You can enjoy all of it reading the screen-shots in the text below containing that very correspondence of such an upright and hard-working family you as they usually pose.

But I find the correspondence of his mommy and daddy even more interesting. Just have a look at how they are discussing their offspring’s request to find a ‘lucrative’ job.

For instance, mommy Valeria thinks that daddy Oleg can ask Kononenko, Chief of the Pre-election Staff of Petro Poroshenko, to find a place for their ‘smartie’ Anton there. Moreover, he could stand Kononenko in good stead as it turns out that Anton has already worked in some kind of agrarian business belonging to Petro Poroshenko (though you will never find anything of this in the declaration of his stainless and crystal-clear mommy Valeria). 

Though daddy Oleg replies that their son Anton ‘has lost his shame at all’ and mommy Valeria is too diligent ‘at wiping their son’s bottom’. He blames her for being weak and for saying words that never matched her deeds’. He adds up that she has already stuffed Anton with cash but he is somehow still unsatisfied. 

After that mommy Valeria forwards the aforementioned messages to her son so that he could get to know what a ‘courteous louse’ his daddy is.

‘Mostly I agree with everything he stated with the exception of what he said about me losing shame’, - responds Anton to his mom reminding her of Petro P (Poroshenko) who made his son a deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament and Mr Gordiyenko whose first son got the position of a prosecutor at the public prosecutor’s office in Solomyansky District (Kyiv) and the second one was assigned as a superintendent at the Myronivskyi Khliboprodukt.

This text is so exciting that I cannot but adduce it separately for you:

"По большей части, я со всем согласен, кроме пункта про "Совесть", - отвечает маме Антон. И далее по тексту напоминает ей, что Петя П (Порошенко) сделал сына Лешу депутатом рады, а Гордиенко - одного сына прокурором Соломенского района, а второго начальником цеха Мироновского хлебопродукта.

To cut a long story short, it looks like a quixotic family correspondence showing us true reasons for Gontareva’s involvement in the medical startup. Apparently, Anton turned out to be stupid enough that Kononenko considered him to be pretty much useless even on a voluntary basis.

That’s why mommy Valeria decides to give her son Anton a business called LLC Medikit launched with the assistance of her former colleagues. And now Anton’s business bottom will be well wiped by Svitlana Kyrychenko, a former employee of ICU Financial Group, and Ruslan Kravets, a former deputy director of the Department for Banking System Strategy and Reform of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The startup is being financed by the robbed Ukrainian banks investors whose money is being used to wipe the capricious bottom of NBU Head’s son.



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