The Servant of the People party’s rating is plummeting due to the economic decline and embezzlement of the budget

The decrease in the rating of the Servant of the People party is due to the economic decline and the budget embezzlement by the government of Denis Shmygal, MP Aleksandr Dubinskyi said on the air of ZIK channel.

“It is absolutely obvious that it [the drop in the rating – Auth] is connected with the recession in the economy and the decrease of money in the wallets of an ordinary citizen,” he said.

The plan of budget revenue is chronically not fulfilled, a deficit is recorded. But even this does not stop corrupt officials - the plundering of the state budget continues, even during the country's fight against the coronavirus.

“Shmygal’s bill, which opens up tremendous opportunities for stealing money from the budget under the guise of the fight against the coronavirus will be introduced to the parliament. According to tradition, and the standard, there will be opportunities to allocate any budget funds. That is, the Ministry of Finance will be able to allocate any amounts to the Ministry of Defense, or to any state body to fight the coronavirus without coordinating with the budget and the parliament,” the MP said.

Earlier Dubinskyi reported that as long as attacks on business are systematically carried out by law enforcement agencies, tax services, state consumer services, labor inspectorates, and other structures, there will be no possibility of any easing of working conditions for business. The adoption of disparate laws, which are subsequently not implemented, does not allow solving the deep problems in the economy. The country's GDP is decreasing, the purchasing power of the population - the main consumer of small and medium-sized businesses - is declining. As a result, companies close down, stop paying taxes, and, accordingly, worsen the economy even more.

According to the deputy, the Cabinet of Ministers will be completely changed or renewed before the local elections.

Andrey Pshenichnyi for