Every second hryvnia from the 2021 budget goes to pay off debts - Dubinskyi

The draft budget for 2021 was not adopted due to the fact that it is fake. This opinion was voiced by MP Aleksandr Dubinskyi in the TV program "Right to Power" on the 1 + 1 channel.

“Because of the pandemic, the next meeting of the Verkhovna Rada will take place no earlier than the beginning of December. Yet the budget is still not ready, although according to article 158 of the Rules of the Verkhovna Rada, we had to vote for it in the second reading before November 20. However, there are no votes for the adoption of the budget today, because it is, in fact, fake. We still do not understand the main figures for the expenditures and revenues of this budget,” Dubinsky says.

According to him, the budget indicators show that almost half of it will be spent on debt payments in various forms.

“It means that every second hryvnia from the budget will be used to pay off debts and not on road or coronavirus funds, pensions or salaries for doctors,” the people's deputy explains.

He also stresses that there are no negotiations with the IMF at the moment.

“The IMF mission will most likely not come to Ukraine this year, perhaps only in February next year. It points to the fact that the International Monetary Fund does not lend to Ukraine due to the reason that the mechanisms for combating corruption and budget spending are catastrophically inadequate. And the result of such management is a hole in the budget of UAH 320 billion - this is the exact budget deficit at the end of 2020. And it will be even bigger the next year. All that worries the IMF is a balanced budget and high income for lending,” the politician explained.

According to Dubinsky, this is why the creditors will not give Ukraine money. But this situation is not catastrophic.

“I am not a supporter of the IMF as a panacea for the Ukrainian economy, because this year they provided USD 2.1 billion, which is a tiny amount in contrast to our needs. Therefore, we should not rely solely on the IMF. Another question is that the money that could be accumulated in the budget now could go to the Covid fund and to finance medicine. But, at the moment, we have to somehow fill the hole in the budget. And it will be done not only by raising taxes but also by printing money. It results in inflation and an increase in the dollar exchange rate. Last but not least, new roads are definitely important, but it turns out that asphalt is equal to the cost of human life. Soon there will be no one to use these roads at such a rate of mortality and people excluded from economic activities. If we go into a complete lockdown, the roads will not be needed at all,” Aleksandr Dubinskyi sums up.